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CUMBIA COLLECTIVE – 100% Natural Energizer

Coca Candy makes ‚Cumbia‘: originally a music of farmers and fishermen in Latin America. Cumbia was as cheerful melange of African rhythms, indigenous wind instruments and Spanish song structures. Coca Candy borrows much from these origins and is still some added: elements of dub, Chicha, rock, salsa and House. This music will be danced, and it works immediately. „The Cumbia speaks a simple language that is therefore easy to understand and that makes them even so special,“ explains one of the musicians. With Coca Candy traveling dancing from the multiple facets of this genre. The seven-member live band interweaves not only the style, but it also ties their songs together so that their show as a Latin American DJ Set acts – only played just live. Cumbia is a colorful, dynamic alternative to purely electronic beats & sounds and Coca Candy put this traditional music to their own, highly musical way.

Martin Petersen (STADTLICHH Magazin)

the band

Don Juanito – guitar, voc
Che Bernardo – guitar, voc
El Tim – bass, voc
„Hells“ Argel – percussion
Balthasar „Enrique Bum Bum“ Beat – drums
Alban „Se√Īor Sonido“ Endlos – synth, delayayay
Larsador „monte infierno“ – keys